The Tiger Catcher

The Tiger Catcher
Paullina Simons
Published date
Świat Książki

The Tiger Catcher written by Paullina Simons is the first book in End of Forever series. I’ve never read anything by this author before and I’m quite pleased with this one. It’s not a typical contemporary love story. It’s full of magic, faith and hope that true love never dies.

Julian Cruz is young and handsome so his life couldn’t be any better. That is true until he sees a pretty debutante on the stage, Josephine Collins. From the very first sight, Julian has no doubts that she is someone exceptional. When he meets her again sometime later by pure coincidence, he wastes no time and is determined to get to know her better. A passionate love turns his whole life upside down, and he finally feels, like he is completely and utterly happy. Ignoring warning from his best friend, he dives headfirst into this new relationship without any doubts. Of course, nothing perfect can last forever, and Julian’s new life falls apart very quickly and dramatically.

I really enjoy the first part of the book, it was light-hearted, full of humour and kept a smile on lips most of the time. And I wasn’t bothered that it was a story about perfect love from the first sight. At the end of this section, there is a big twist, and it ends very dramatically. From then on, the story gets an entirely different feeling.

Next part is full of sorrow, desperation and incurable sadness. It was a bit hard to read. I know the author had to show a character’s emotional state after devastating events, but it was too long for me. I was pushing myself to get through that section to the next one. And that’s where all the action pickups again, and we have some really crazy stuff. I was caught off guard because I thought this book would be typical contemporary, and the author serves us time travel, a river of souls, portals in Greenwich Observatory and this kind of things. I think it was brilliant because we went from a typical love story to something more magical and beautiful.

I liked the book in general. It’s easy and fun to read, although some parts can be rather heart-breaking. The author beautifully describes little moments as if they were full of magic. I loved the idea of souls journeying through time in search of complete and utter fulfilment. I’m curious to learn how Julian’s story will go from here.