The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
Lauren James
Published date
Walker Books

“The Loneliest Girl in the Universe” by Lauren James is a story about a girl who is the only surviving crew member on a spaceship, heading to another planet to establish a new colony for humans. Can you even imagine how lonely it must be? And besides, she is only a teenager with not only a spaceship to maintain, but also tasked with raising new civilisation among the stars. But no pressure.

In the beginning, we learn about Romy daily routines. She was born abroad her spaceship, so she doesn’t know anything about regular life on Earth and can only imagine it, extrapolating based on what she’ve learned about it. Her only link with the home planet is messages, but even those are coming with a few months of delay. She tries her best to keep herself busy and sane – she does all necessary classes and trainings, doing maintaining jobs on her ship and, in her spare time, she’s watching her favourite TV series and write fanfics about it.

Everything changes, when she gets information that second, more technically advanced ship was launch from Earth and is meant to catch up to her in a few months. And abroad it is a boy, who calls himself J. Even though their exchanged messages are coming with few months of delay, they quickly form a bond that helps with their growing loneliness. In the meantime, Romy is receiving alarming news from Earth, but she can’t do anything except waiting for more news.

While reading this book, I was pretty sure it was just a girl meets a boy story, just set up in space. That’s why I was shocked to discover the plot drifting more into an exciting thriller. And it’s not only about Romy’s story of how she got the only survived crew member of her ship.

The book is easy to read, and from halfway through it is impossible to put it down due to unraveling intrigue. Romy, throughout a novel,s transform from a shy and awkward teen into a strong and determined young lady who is ready to face all the challenges the universe will throw her way.

If you like YA novels with self-discovery and space set up, you will enjoy this book for sure.