A. G. Howard
Published date

Splintered by A. G. Howard is a tale inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alyssa Gardner seems to be a normal teenage girl. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Her mother was sent to mental hospital many years ago because of her delusions. Unfortunately, Alyssa discovers she can also hear flowers and bugs talking to her. It turns out it’s not an illness but a family curse, which has started when their ancestor, Alice, came back from Wonderland. Is it possible that Wonderland is real? And will Alyssa be brave enough to venture into unknown to break the curse?

Splintered is a book you would like to read in one sitting. When the action starts it never stops until the end. The author has really vivid imagination. The new Wonderland is far darker and more deceptive then the original. It will surprise you in every chapter. In theory we recreate the journey of Alice, but this time everything is far more dangerous and hostile.

There is a very interesting character - Morpheus. He was with Alyssa from early childhood, visiting her in dreams and preparing her for her unavoidable return to Wonderland. He is her devoted friend but he never reveals his own motives. Until the very end you can’t be sure if he wants to help her or just use her to fulfil his own agendas. He was definitely my favourite character in the book!

When it comes to Alyssa and Jeb, her childhood crush, they were getting into my nerves. I’m not buying their romance at all. Jeb was portraited as a gallant knight, protector of his one true love, Alyssa. But in reality he was just an overprotective jerk. He doesn’t have guts to be with the girl he likes and treats her like she has no brain of her own and needs his assistance in everything she does. I was also irritated that this couple have to touch each other in every possible moment, not caring about the dangers all around them.

The book as a whole is quite good though. It’s really interesting continuation of Alice’s tale. The story is easy to read and there is loads of action in most of the chapters. The new Wonderland is enchanting and I bet it has loads of secrets to reveal in next books!