The Scrivener’s Bones

The Scrivener’s Bones
Brandon Sanderson
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“The Scrivener’s Bones” is the second book in “Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians” series by Brandon Sanderson. Those books were written with Middle Graders as the primary target, but I love them none the less. They are light, funny, and entertaining, so I like to read them when I want an instant pick-me-up.

In the second book, Alcatraz must follow Grandpa Smedry (who was late. Again) to a mysterious Library of Alexandria. It’s one of the most dangerous places in the world, as the librarians in charge are not the regular, ordinary mean people with guns we’ve met in the previous book. The Curators are far sneakier and more vicious. Oh, and did I mention that they are undead and can suck your soul any time? Well, now, you have it! To make matters even worse, a relentless hunter follows Alcatraz, aiming to retrieve the Translator Lenses he recently acquired. And he also is not a nice person. Well, he’s not even a person.

I have a great time reading this book, as always, when it comes to Sanderson’s novels. What took me by surprise was the discovery that there is a system regulating the Talents. When I start reading this series, I was pretty sure it was more laid back than the author’s usual complex worlds (as not to overwhelm young readers). Well, I should have known better. In this book, we learn that, of course, every randomly and ridiculously sounding Talent was carefully chosen and designed to fit in a particular pattern. We also discover a great deal more about a bigger perspective and how Alcatraz’s minor skirmishes affect the whole wide world.

As the first book was just a pleasant story, this one got me a lot more curious about what happens next. I’m glad I already have the following book on my shelf, so I can pick it up any time I feel like it. I was also once again in awe of how masterfully Sanderson is writing climax scenes. Every little detail in the book is put there for a reason, and when we finally see the grand final of the story, we are delighted.

I love it and recommend it to readers of all ages!