Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 2 Liberation

Horizon Zero Dawn Vol. 2 Liberation
Ann Toole (writer) Elmer Damaso (artist)
Data premiery
Titan Comics

The second volume of Horizon comic, “Liberation”, features Aloy’s other beloved companion – Erend. He’s a kind of goofy friend with a big hammer and a huge heart that is very easy to like. I always found conversations with him funny.

Once again, we’re getting a different story from what we know from the game. Erend and Aloy are on the hunt for a man involved in Oseram’s sister’s death. While they pursue their prey, Erend tells a story of Meridian’s liberation, Ersa’s role in it, and what eventually led to her death. Part of this tale was mentioned in Horizon Forbidden West, during one of the last conversations with Erend over a beer, when he recalled how Avad got Ersa out of Meridian.

This story shows a little sneak peek into Mad Sun-King rule and how his son, Avad, led the rebellion to bring him down. We can see first-hand how Carja treated other tribes and what fate awaited those who got captured alive. We also get loads of fight scenes between humans and machines, with beautiful pictures that make reading even more enjoyable.

Liberation is another wonderful addition to Horizon fans’ collection, and it’s highly entertaining and pleasing reading.

Vol 2: https://titan-comics.com/c/1730-horizon-zero-dawn-vol-2-liberation/