Pierwsze Słowo

Pierwsze Słowo
Marta Kisiel
Published date
Wydawnictwo Uroboros

Pierwsze Słowo by Marta Kisiel is an anthology containing fantasy stories which are funny but sometimes very dark. I haven’t read anything else from this author yet, but since first pages I was very pleasantly surprised. Very short story “Rozmowa dyskwalifikacyjna” made me cry from laughter and the next one “Dożywocie” I was reading long into the night, because I couldn’t put it down.

The author has very intelligent way of writing, she’s not afraid to laugh at our nowadays life, full of technology and never-ending work for corporations. I really like this kind of humour. Most of the novellas were dealing with some aspect of death. Some of them were so dark, you could feel a chill down your spine while reading it. But my favourites were those funny ones.

The problem with assessing anthologies is that it’s very hard to score the whole book, because we have different feelings about each and every little story. I like the most “Rozmowa Dyskwalifikacyjna”, “Dożywocie” and “Szaławiła”. And “Nawiedziny”. There were no story that I disliked. Even if I didn’t exactly like the tale itself, it was written so neatly that it was very easy to enjoy.

I was a little disappointed by “Jadeit”. It was a really intriguing mystery story. There was a murder investigation with some bizarre circumstances, but we never get to know what actually happened. Everything ends quite rapidly and we are left with more questions then answers. I would gladly read more about this story. At least few more pages!

I recommend this book, because I think that everyone will find there something nice for him/herself. I’m sure I’m going to read more from this author, because I love her writing style, creative ideas and a little quirky characters.

Thank you Uroboros Publishing for the copy of the book!