Oczy Uroczne

Oczy Uroczne
Marta Kisiel
Published date

Oczy Uroczne is a sequel to Szaławiła novella awarded with Janusz A. Zajdel award. If you haven’t read this short story yet do it, because there are major spoilers in this book and in my review.

I was very happy when I’ve heard that Marta Kisiel wrote a sequel to Szaławiła novella, as it was one of my favourite tales from her anthology Pierwsze Słowo. I was glad that I’ll learn more about Oda Kręciszewska and her human and nonhuman companions. And I was not disappointed.

The story begins in a Christmas time, with winter solstice that causes all nonhumans very nervous and jumpy. Oda can feel it too, when she keeps arguing with Roch and growling at Bazyl for no good reason. What’s more in a clinic where she works she sees more and more patients with weird injuries and crazy stories. And all the accidents take place in the forest where she lives. You can feel that something terrible is going to happen very soon. But who would be a victim and is there any way Oda can stop it?

I love author’s writing style. It’s full of humour and very original. I adore all the characters, but my favourite is a little demon Bazyl. Who wouldn’t like this cute, little devil to move in to their washing basket? The book has really nice atmosphere, it makes you wish you can just cover yourself in blankets and stay there until the end of the book. And to be honest I did just that, as I read a big chunk of this book just staying in bed. Best morning ever.

Besides inevitable threat looming on the horizon Oda also has to face her own mythical nature. When she discovered few months ago that she is no human, but one of the Slavic demons she just shrugged this news off and kept living her life. But with strange events happening all around her she is forced to learn more about what and who she really is and also who are all the creatures that chose to live close to her.

If you’re looking for light, original fantasy with Slavic mythology it will be perfect read for you!