More Then a Game by Andrey Vasilyev

More Then a Game by Andrey Vasilyev

More Then a Game by Andrey Vasilyev is the first book in Fayroll series. It’s the literary genre called LitRPG short for Literary Role Playing Game which is basically combination of online gaming and fantasy/sci-fi fiction. It was my first opportunity to discover this genre (not counting Ready Player One) and a very pleasant one.

The main character Harriton Nikiforov is a journalist who has got a story to write about new, amazingly popular Virtual Gaming World of Fayroll. And it’s not just a normal computer game. He’d got some high tech equipment which enables him to immerse completely to virtual reality of the game. As you can expect, the job quickly becomes very pleasant experience.

We accompany our hero through his journey from zero in Noobland (how cool is that name?! ;D) to not exactly a hero, but a decent level player for sure. It’s a novel full of humour and for all the gamers it would bring all the memories from online gaming back to live. From the starting point, when you have literary nothing and have to kill all the rats to Player Killers who hunt poor low level souls. I was laughing a lot reading this book.

At some point I was thinking, that maybe I’ll soon get board of it. Go there, do the quest, take the loot and so on. But the author has a real gift to make all the simple task very interesting. There’s always some story and mystery looming somewhere in the background that make you want to read more and unravel more surprises.

When it comes to the main character, I’m not sure if I like him or not. He’s full of contrasts. He is very witty and sarcastic and it often gets him into troubles, but sometimes it’s a little bit too much and too rude for my taste. On the other hand, he always feels compelled to help those in need, weak and small - for which he got extra points. What I didn’t like was all his remarks about women. Yes, they supposed to be humorous and witty, but after ten times it become irritating. It’s showing all women as pretty, silly little things created just to please the man. Fortunately, there is one female character - Krolina who we get to know a little bit better and who is a real badass.

I was also positively surprise by ending. I was expecting just the finishing quest, but there was also a little surprise for the reader.

I really enjoyed the book and I was kind of sad when it was over. I would gladly read more about Fayroll’s world and adventures. Thank you Barbara from Litworld for a copy of this book so I could get to know this new genre and the author. If you had your share of online gaming I’m sure you’ll love this book! But even if you never played, I think it’s written in a way that you can enjoy it just as well.

4 stars / 5