Łzy Mai by Martyna Raduchowska

Łzy Mai by Martyna Raduchowska

Łzy Mai by Martyna Raduchowska is a story based in cyberpunk reality. The action is taking place in the city of New Horizon, full of life and advanced technologies. We meet machines which took on all the easy, manual tasks done earlier by people. We also have androids, robots which look almost exactly the same as humans, while the latest ones fully embraced the bliss of advanced technology by using brain implants, cybernetic limbs or other upgrades. Sounds good? Yes, but all it’s not as wonderful as it may seems.

From the very first pages of the book we are thrown deep into the action. Lieutenant Jared Quinn found himself in the middle of attack on tech corporation Beyond Industries, where hacked machines are mercilessly killing everyone who stand in their way. He barely escaped his own death and after three years of complicated operations and rehabilitations he finally came back to work in police force. What’s more he was also “upgraded” with some extra brain implants against his wishes. Coming back is not easy, especially while he’s still struggling to accept his new, upgraded body. Now he also has to solve the mysterious murder case, which seems to defy all the logic.

I love the atmosphere of the book, the whole scenery - the city, flying cars, advanced machines and androids. I always loved the concept of androids. Are this perfect machines are only imitation of humans? Or maybe their AI is so advanced that they can develop emotions? Empathy? Feelings? Because I’m a huge fan of this idea I like that the author explore it by inventing reinforcine - a medicine that enables replicants to feel emotions. From the very first pages I was cheering for May, android and lieutenant’s partner, who seemed to only want to have feelings, like humans do.

I also enjoyed the detective plot in the book. Mysterious murders, perfect killer who leaves no trace, powerless technology. All of this mixed with protagonist doubts - if it’s possible to have your own brain implants hacked? Is he still the master of his own body after all the technical upgrades? And can he still trust himself completely?

Because it’s the first book in the series after reading it I felt not satisfied. I wanted more! There are a lot of threads that are left unsolved. It seems that at the end of the book you have more questions then at the beginning. Well, we just need to wait for the next book! If you like cyberpunk you have to check up this book for sure!