The Chestnut Man

The Chestnut Man
Søren Sveistrup
Published date

“The Chestnut Man’ is a dark thriller by Søren Sveistrup placed in Denmark. Copenhagen is terrorised by a psychopath brutally murdering woman. On the crime scene, police find a little chestnut man with fingerprints of a girl long thought dead. Is it possible that the old mystery was not fully resolved? Who is brilliant chestnut men creator who keeps eluding the police? The case is given to bright Naia Thulin and Mark Hess, who was temporarily sent back to Denmark from Europol. Will they be able to solve the case before the serial killer fulfil his dark plan and kill more innocent women?

The book is easy to read, chapters are short, and the author is skilfully keeping the suspense, making it impossible to put down. Narration is from different points of view which allows us to perceive the events from various perspectives. Sometimes I felt it was a bit too much. Some characters were just on a few pages, not bringing anything to the main plot.

The mystery itself is woven very carefully. During the reading, we got numerous presumptions about the killer, but the next chapters only confuse us even more. The ending itself is well thought, and there are no loose ends. The story itself is sometimes very dark and brutal, but not enough to discourage further reading.

I, personally, really like Scandinavian crime novels, so I was very excited about this book. I was not disappointed, although there were small things that I didn’t like. Even though the chapters were kept short, some of the passages were extremely long (like the whole page). When I was reading in the evening in bed, I helplessly fell asleep while reading them. Especially when they treated about the political situation or some local stories. But that was just a minor thing, the whole book was a good novel.

If you are fans of crime novels, full of brutal murders and serial killers with dark past you will love “The Chestnut Man”.