It Ends with Us

It Ends with Us
Colleen Hoover
Published date

I was never big fan of contemporary books. They were never high on my reading list. But this year I decided to challenge myself to read more diverse books then my usual fantasy/sci-fi choices. I’ve heard many times that if I want to read good contemporary book I should try Colleen Hoover books. So when I’ve got a chance to read It Ends with Us I took it. And I was very surprised that it was a really good.

We meet Lily Bloom after her father funeral, where she refused to say anything good about him. He used to beat her mother badly and she hated him with all her heart. But now, as a grown woman, she moved far away from home to Boston, where she is opening her own flower shop. She meets very interesting man, Ryle, and although they both agree they have different life expectations and can’t possibly be good together, they keep bumping into each other. It turns out Ryle is not only handsome, but also funny, clever and totally and completely in love with her.

The characters in the book are created perfectly. They are not too ideal, they are funny, likable and they have their own little quirks. I don’t know when exactly I started to care about them, but when they met the hardship of life I was fully onboard with tears in my eyes. The story itself is not about sweet, simple love. It’s full of drama and tragic choices.

Colleen Hoover is retelling the story of her mother hard life. The main character finds herself deeply in love and in a relationship with a man who suddenly and unexpectedly hit her. The book is challenging us to change our mindset and the way we perceived women who are staying in relationships, where they are constantly abused. But as we see in the story of Lily and Ryle it’s not as easy, black and white as it may seem. People always think, that it’s so easy, if he beats you, just leave him! But it’s never that simple, not when it’s the person you love with all your heart. You want to forgive him, you want to believe it was just a one time accident, and keep rationalizing, that there is no need to tell anyone about it. Isn’t a marriage vow saying till the death set us apart? Shouldn’t we forgive our husbands and help them get through this difficult time in their life?

This book is really heart-breaking. I’m not a very sensitive person and I don’t often get emotional while reading a book. But even I cried at the end. That’s how moving this story was. It gave me a lot of thoughts and reflections. I’m sure I will never think lowly of women who endure abuse at their home, because their choices are never easy ones. And they are brave and noble spirits. I can’t imagine how hard it was for the author to write a book so personal and full of so many sad and heart-breaking memories.

I recommend this book to everyone, doesn’t matter if you like contemporary books or not. I think this story will stay in my mind for a while and I’m really grateful I could read it.