Roberto Santiago
Published date
Muza S. A.

Ana by Roberto Santiago is part contemporary and part crime story. Ana Tramel is a very talented lawyer, but many years ago she promised herself that she won’t go back to the court. Everything changes when unexpectedly she gets a call from her brother who, after years of silence, tells her that he is a main suspect in a murder case. It won’t be an easy case, because the victim is a manager of the casino, where Alejandro played poker and owes hundred thousands of euros. Ana sues the biggest gambling company in the country without any real assets or office backup, with only a few unexperienced idealists to help her.

The book is really big and quite intimidating, as it has about a thousand pages. But to my surprise it was really easy to read. Roberto Santiago has a rare gift for creating his protagonists. All the characters in the book seem very real and are easy to relate to. They have their own personal dramas, they can be weak and fragile, but also show devotion towards their friends and family, living their live the best they can.

My most favourite part of the book was a thread about Ana’s friend Concha and her family. As the main plot with prosecuting a big corporation seemed a little bit far from reality, the Family Court is something that is happening everyday. No matter how strong and self-confident the woman can seem, no one knows what is happening behind closed doors at her home. It is far too real in a lot of cases.

Our protagonist, Ana, is also very likeable. Even though she is stubborn, changes her mind very often and has a weak self restrain (drugs, alcohol, sex) she’s also very smart, resourceful and, against everything she says, very sensitive and compassionate. And as a lawyer she can’t walk away when she sees injustice.

I think the book could be a little bit shorter. There were a lot of descriptions and main heroine inner monologues that didn’t exactly add anything to main plot. And such a big book can look intimidating for some readers. But it is certainly worth reading, especially if you like a stories with lawyers. Ana has also a huge potential to become a TV series, it would do great on Netflix, I can bet!

What’s more it is author’s debut in adult fiction and, I must say, very good debut. Thank you Muza S. A. for the copy of the book!